As the new building campaign winds down, we look back at our enormous successes and remember that the most important thing is that we glorify the one who gives us all of these gifts. We are thrilled to have a new venue where our community can come together, where we can showcase the talents of our students and where we can invite our friends and family for breakfasts and other events. Please consider visiting, seeing the venue, coming to concerts and performances by our students.

Building of a place to worship, perform, meet, host and bring community together.

Dec. & Jan. infrastructure

Interior work in theatre

Summer button-up

Before seating

Three Components. One Vision.

Worship and Fine Arts Center, a Science & Technology Expansion, and an Endowment for the Arts

The Lord has blessed Sheboygan County with a Lutheran High School for forty years. We recognize that it is the Lord alone who has been at our side every step of the way. Just imagine what the Lord can do with the precious souls of students who come to learn at this place, in this facility, in this new addition. As we embark on another forty years, we call upon the Lord to lead and guide us in the next era of training and equipping students how to live a Christian life on earth that will one day culminate in eternal life in heaven.

Help us to continue spreading the Gospel into our world and let us partner and share our blessings with our community. It is exciting to be a part of something led and guided by the Lord.

Goal & Giving levels

Prayerfully consider a pledge payable over 3 years, an anniversary gift, or a one-time tax-deductible donation. Every dollar you contribute will ‘fill seats faster’ as we Prepare for the Future.

Fill some seats!

Donor names will be visible in the halls of the Faith & Leadership Center and engraved on theatre seat medallions.

Recognition Levels

Crusader Legacy - $25,000Crusader Leader - $10,000Crusader Gold - $ 5,000Anniversary Gift - $1,600

Be in the Spotlight!

Make Music with Us!

worship, drama & Music

“Lutheran High is known for its exceptional music program. Having a Fine Arts Center would not only benefit the musicians already at school, but also would bring in new students who love music.”

Kirsten Solle, Class of 2021

“Band is important to me because I enjoy playing both my instrument and the songs selected. It is great that I get to spend time having fun while learning!”

Jake Helmrick, Class of 2021

“I enjoy singing in the choir because it is a way to share my faith with others through the songs that we sing. I also really enjoy the program because of the friendships, experiences and memories I have been making.”

Danica Hansen, Class of 2021

Science wing expansion

To prepare students for their vocations, their calling in life, LHS offers a caring and safe Christian community and a top-notch education that builds awareness, critical thinking, and character. To be on the cusp of science and technology, however, we need to build to and around the technology frontier.

Robotics is a fast-growing curriculum that prepares students to engineer, problem-solve, and work as a team. Robotics needs space to build, experiment, and compete.

Cinematography gives students opportunities to learn to edit video, publish websites, and produce presentations. The dual-purpose room where these two classes are taught now is tight for space with no room for expansion.

Careers in technology that did not exist 15 years ago because of the influence of the internet, require new, quickly-advancing technical skills.

The Science Wing of Sheboygan Lutheran High is the cornerstone of the building. The lecture spaces, lab areas and classroom technology have been in use for almost 40 years with minimal updates.

The Science Wing renovation will allow us to broaden the Science curriculum to further utilize the science labs. Upgrades would provide better ventilation and safety in the lab areas.

Endowment for the arts

Part of the Lutheran High School family's commitment to the performing arts is to continue to be the best stewards of school assets and funds. Our administrators and board are fiscally responsible and want to ensure that adding a new building like the Worship and Fine Arts Center will not create a financial burden. It is not our desire to disrupt ongoing annual operations or impact tuition and fees to families so that this facility is built. We want to assure the success of the Worship and Fine Arts Center beyond its completion and to do this, we will create the Endowment of the Arts.